11 Essential Salesforce Test Cases

11 Essential Salesforce Test Cases

11 Essential Salesforce Test Cases Salesforce remains a leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform, offering organizations access to varying client management tools. It helps businesses

The Ultimate Salesforce Data Migration Checklist

The Ultimate Salesforce Data Migration Checklist

In today’s digital landscape, data is the lifeblood of businesses, enabling informed decision-making, streamlined operations and enhanced customer experiences. As more organizations adopt Salesforce, a

CodeScan - 10 Salesforce Testing Tips

10 Salesforce Testing Tips

Incorporating a proper Salesforce testing strategy reduces errors, supports data security, and streamlines DevOps processes. Why It Matters: Simply sourcing automated DevOps tools doesn’t guarantee

A Complete Salesforce Code Review Checklist

A Complete Salesforce Code Review Checklist

In any development project, code quality is the most significant factor contributing to failure or success. While your software and program developers have unmatched skill

salesforce naming conventions

6 Easy-to-Miss Salesforce Code Mistakes

Companies across various industries use Salesforce for marketing, collaboration, sales, and other critical business functions. When developers write codes for Salesforce daily, they may make

7 Essential DevSecOps Security Tools_CodeScan

8 Essential DevSecOps Security Tools

Salesforce DevSecOps security tools are an essential aspect of properly securing your Salesforce environment and producing applications and updates that support your data security strategy.

Salesforce Code Review Tool

How to Select a Salesforce Code Review Tool

Automation is quickly becoming recognized as an essential aspect of a streamlined Salesforce DevOps pipeline. Manual processes are time consuming, costly, and vulnerable to human

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7 Essential Salesforce DevSecOps Tools in 2023

Updated on 11/15/22 Sourcing the right Salesforce DevSecOps tools increases data security, streamlines the development pipeline, and reduces costly errors. Why It Matters: Minimizing manual

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