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Install the comprehensive CodeScan solution on-site while controlling your metadata.

Cloud-Get all the benefits of our Self Hosted service without the need of servers


Access CodeScan securely from any connected device and field location without adding more infrastructure and servers.

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Integrate CodeScan with your editor of choice for real-time feedback during the coding process.

Our Salesforce Code Analysis Tool

CodeScan is an end-to-end DevOps solution built for modern Salesforce Developers. Our automated code analysis tools help businesses transform the DevOps process with real-time visibility to achieve higher efficiencies, better data security, improved code quality, and increased productivity.

Leverage Real-Time Visibility

Support code quality and team member collaboration with transparency in every stage of the DevOps cycle.

CodeScan delivers data directly to your team from a centralized source. Everyone stays on the same page with continuous information updates that show what’s happening in real time. Increased visibility is key to understanding coding errors when and where they occur. When your team intervenes earlier, projects stay on time and better meet stakeholder expectations.

Our solution also includes reporting functionality so you can extract meaningful data for actionable insights. Pinpoint patterns and identify opportunities for improvement with a few simple clicks. You’ll access all the information you need to drive more strategic decision-making or boost stakeholder confidence.

Automate the Review Process

Over 95% of CodeScan users indicate that our automated code scanning tools have made the review process easier and more efficient.

CodeScan automatically creates user alerts as errors happen. The streamlined simplification positions your DevOps team to maintain agility and address issues as they arise. Since these challenges may affect later coding, you can better preserve its integrity as development continues. That means no more tracking down errors in large blocks of code to rewrite individual lines.

Our solution embodies hundreds of built-in rules that analyze individual lines of code. Tailor them to your specific business procedures and needs to standardize your coding process while maintaining code health. With unlimited line capacity, you can analyze and review as much code as necessary and still have confidence each line adheres to your unique quality standards.

Enhance Data Security

Your data is one of the most valuable business assets you have. Customers have trusted you with sensitive information, and regulatory authorities impose privacy obligations for many industries. Proactively address your security posture with CodeScan to prevent the potential harm of a breach.

Our robust tool features functionality to identify potential security risks in code structure. A poorly constructed line may easily create an entrance for bad actors. CodeScan alerts you to them in real time, so your team can take action before deployment and negate the risk.

Improve Code Quality

High-quality code makes integrations smoother, helps eliminate bugs and errors, and mitigates risks—it can be the determining factor for project success, quicker adoption, and end user satisfaction.

With immediate feedback, your team can make structural changes on the spot. Plus, they can take what they learn from those insights and apply it to projects in the future. As a result, your entire team begins to produce code with consistently high quality.

Increase Workflow Speed

Maintain the quality of your code throughout the salesforce development process.

Get Consistent Coding Results

Visibility throughout the development stages means more control over code quality.

Save Time on Code Reviews

Reduce Code Review Time

CodeScan automatically reviews individual lines of code for more efficient review processes.

Increase Productivity by Automating your reviews

Improve Team Productivity

Quicker interventions and resolutions mean more time focusing on development.


Rid your code of security vulnerabilities and bugs with CodeScan—our Lightning, Visualforce, Metadata and Apex Scanner solution. Cloud-based access means there’s no need for on-site installation and maintenance. Plus, new features and updates are immediately available when we release them.

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Cloud Product Features

CLOUD-Get all the benefits of our Self Hosted service without the need of servers


With CodeScan’s Cloud product, our solutions are securely hosted in our cloud environment.

We are 100% compatible with Salesforce languages and Metadata.


CodeScan is 100% compatible with the languages and metadata Salesforce uses.



CodeScan can handle as much code as you need—there's no limit to the lines we'll check.

Security Compliant


We value standardization and security as much as you do, so we’ve ensured all our security rules adhere to SANS, OWASP, and CWE frameworks.



Have the flexibility of scanning your code from anywhere! Our Cloud product scans from any computer and any browser.



Our Cloud solution is fully integrated with Bitbucket, Github, & Salesforce. Additionally, we are integrated with popular developer solutions such as Copado and Flosum.

Bitbucket + CodeScan Integration

Bitbucket remains popular among developers as a Git-based repository allowing for source code access, maintenance, adjustment, and related document retention. It also serves as a centralized platform for collaboration, deployment, and testing.

CodeScan is fully compatible with your Bitbucket pipeline, and the Bitbucket + CodeScan integration process is simple. Once you’ve connected the two, your team can easily scan its Bitbucket projects directly through the CodeScan dashboard. This solution is available in cloud-hosted CodeScan accounts without any additional release management tools or command-line interfaces.

GitHub + CodeScan Integration

Millions of DevOps professionals trust GitHub for their software development platform. The application remains scalable and affordable, and GitHub’s security scans are among the most robust in the industry. 

Code, collaborate, and develop with confidence using GitHub and CodeScan together. Thanks to our integration capability, you can now leverage the power of GitHub code scanning with our premier static code analysis tool. Integrating the two platforms is easy, and you can run CodeScan directly in the GitHub workflows. There’s no need for additional command-line interfaces or release management programs when using these tools together in the cloud.

GitLab + CodeScan Integration

Developers throughout the industry rely on their GitLab CI/CD pipeline as a bridge between operations and development. The continuous integration and deployment principles help them harness the power of automation in building, deploying, and testing software. Plus, GitLab code coverage lets you see how much of your code you’ve tested at a glance. Overall, GitLab helps teams reduce time to release and development costs.

Combining CodeScan with your GitLab code review tools produces a robust solution for improved code quality and security. GitLab integrations are easy to implement, and with cloud-based implementation, you don’t need extra command-line interfaces or release management software.

SonarQube™ + CodeScan Scan Integration for Salesforce

The SonarQube™ open-source platform has become the go-to standard framework for concise and clear coding. Its benefits include:

  • Code quality confidence: Unlimited SonarQube and Salesforce scans mean higher confidence in the end result.
  • Error detection alerts: User notifications generate in real time to allow faster intervention and resolution.
  • Product longevity: Optimizing code allows businesses to ensure their software serves their needs long term.
  • Increased coding skills: Team members can learn from their mistakes with immediate feedback.
  • Risk reduction: Identifying potential vulnerabilities enables teams to make timely adjustments that simultaneously improve security posture and efficiency.

We designed CodeScan based on this framework and customized it to work for Salesforce Developers. Execute a SonarQube Salesforce scan from within the CodeScan platform to generate reports showing:

  • SonarQube code coverage in Salesforce.
  • Code complexity.
  • Past data patterns and potential trends.

Branch analysis and weekly reporting are available with no additional SonarQube developer or enterprise options in our cloud-based solution.

Features Comparison

Feature Self-Hosted Cloud
Email support included
Licensing Per codeblock Per codeblock
Subscription Yearly only Monthly or yearly
Pre-requisite Hosting servers required Minimal
Requirements Requires SonarQube™ and Java None
Branch analysis Requires SonarQube™ Developer Edition
Weekly report Requires SonarQube™ Enterprise
GitHub integration Requires AutoRabit ARM or Salesforce CLI
Bitbucket integration Requires AutoRabit ARM or Salesforce CLI
GitLab integration Requires AutoRabit ARM or Salesforce CLI
Salesforce integration Requires AutoRabit ARM or Salesforce CLI
Custom rules

Features Comparison


Email support included





Branch analysis

Weekly report

GitHub integration

Bitbucket integration

Salesforce integration

Custom Rules

Self Hosted

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Pre codeblock

Yearly only

Hosting servers required

Requires SonarQube™ and Java

Requires SonarQube™ Developer Edition

Requires SonarQube™ Enterprise

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Blue Checkmark

Pre codeblock

Monthly or yearly



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