Save the date and get ready for world's largest cloud

Save the date and get ready for world's largest cloud.

Code Quality and Security for Salesforce Developers

Made exclusively for the Salesforce platform, CodeScan’s code analysis solutions provide you with total visibility into your code health.

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The most comprehensive static code analysis solution supporting Salesforce languages and metadata.

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Self Hosted

Self Hosted

Check your code for security and quality with the most extensive database for the Salesforce platform.

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Get all the benefits of our Self Hosted service without the need of servers or internal infrastructure.

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Editor Plugins

Editor Plugins

Plug in CodeScan to your favorite editor and get real-time feedback while you code.

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Why CodeScan

CodeScan Home - Define Code Standards

Define code

Maintain the quality of your code according to best practices.

CodeScan Home - Control Code Quality

Control code

Enforce your coding standards and minimize code complexity throughout the development process.

CodeScan Home - Reduce Technical Debt

Reduce technical

Track your technical debt to improve your code quality and efficiency.

CodeScan Home - Increase Development Productivity

Increase development

Reduce time spent on code review through review automation.

Features Comparison

Feature CodeScan’s Solutions Other Static Code Analysis Solutions
Exclusively for the Salesforce platform
More than 350 rules for code quality and security
Compatible with Salesforce languages
OWASP and SANS compliant
Supports CI/CD pipelines
IDE plugins available
Simple price structure
Top rated app on AppExchange


Reduce Technical Debt.

CodeScan’s solutions are proven to:

  • Decrease the creation of new technical debt
  • Provide an additional source of quality control
  • Reduce technical debt from scan to scan
CodeScan Home - ROI

Our Accomplishments


Lines of code scanned


Code duplication resolved


Vulnerabilities detected

Trusted by more than 1000 developers

“It is still one of the best and reliable tool that we are utilizing across all our SalesForce Orgs and multiple projects”

– Yuri Conrat, PSEG, New York

“CodeScan has been extremely collaborative in helping define best practices as well as taking our input for improvements. Highly recommend this solution”

– Jan Aertgeerts, Johnson & Johnson, Belgium

“Codescan not only helped us identifying bugs & vulnerabilities in the code, but also helped us reducing Tech Debt to a great extent.”

- Amresh Vijay, Accenture, India

“It's helping us applying our development standardization by identifying code and security vulnerabilities earlier in the process before we deploy to production - (VF, Apex, LC, LWC, Javascript and much more ...) and it's also considerably improving and simplifying our code review process.”

– Miguel Coimbra, Salesforce, Belgium

“This tool is great if you are looking for quality assurance for your code. It provides security and other insights into the quality of your code. Very helpful to lear best practices and it relieves a lot off of manual code reviews!”

– Paola Cecuk, eBay, Netherlands

“It is a time saver for the manual code review process by ensuring that most issues that can easily be detected are caught up front so we can focus on business logic and design issues during the manual review.”

– Andrew Yoder, MedPro, Indiana

“We are working with the cloud tool of CodeScan, and we really appreciate its reporting capabilities, where we can track and monitor our developments. The Support is also great, and ready to assist you immediately.”

– Stela Vula, MAN Engines, Germany

“We were looking for a tool to help us improve the code quality with static code analysis and found Codescan which does the job perfectly for us! Our developers are also using the plugin in IDE which is highly recommended to use also.”

– Tomi Korpela, Elisa, Finland

“The support team is excellent, always quick to respond to my questions.

– Ryan Bestul, SOS, Texas

With more than 350 rules, CodeScan is the #1 code analysis solution on AppExchange

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Say CodeScan helps them reduce technical debt

Say CodeScan makes their code review process more productive

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