CodeScan: Code Quality + Security for Salesforce Developers and Admins

Eliminate errors and neutralize vulnerabilities with intelligent automation.

Awards and Compliance Icons - SOC 2 - HIPAA - ISO 27001
Awards and Compliance Icons - SOC 2 - HIPAA - ISO 27001
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Robust Analysis for High-Quality Code and Intuitive Governance

Total visibility over the health of your environment reduces costs and increases time to market. 

Robust Analysis - Showing Bugs and Vulnerabilities
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Reduce Manual Processes and Support Data Security

Target coding errors and improper settings with two automated modules:

Why CodeScan?

With more than 3,100 rules—800 of them specific to Salesforce—CodeScan is the #1 code analysis solution on AppExchange. 

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Code duplicated resolved


Vulnerabilities detected

Since 2014 CodeScan has scanned over 1M lines of code, an average of 125,000 lines of code scanned every year.

CodeScan's Two-Pronged Approach Keeps Data Security And Quality Under One Pane Of Glass

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Coding Errors Are a Distant Memory

Moving beyond human error to create perfect code, every time.

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Guarantee Proper System Settings Every Time

Flawless oversight for unified efforts and streamlined processes.

Proven Results


say CodeScan helps developers write higher quality code


say CodeScan makes code reviews more productive


say CodeScan helps reduce technical debt


plan to continue using CodeScan.

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Implementation Options for Best-In-Class Code Scanner Tool

Self Hosted


Review your code's quality and security with the most comprehensive Salesforce code scanning tool.

CodeScan Cloud


Enjoy the same features and benefits of our self-hosted Salesforce code scanning tools with increased flexibility.

CodeScan - Editor Plugins

Editor Plugins

Add CodeScan to your preferred editor for real-time insights as you code.

Why CodeScan

CodeScan Home - Define Code Standards


Upgrade your code’s quality and integrity by defining best practices.

CodeScan Home - Reduce Technical Debt


Reduce code complexity and apply your coding standards to each step of the DevOps process.

CodeScan Home - Control Code Quality


Prevent technical debt from accruing by improving code efficiency and quality.

CodeScan Home - Increase Development Productivity


Use automated code scanning tools to take the time and friction out of code review.

The most comprehensive static code analysis solution supporting Salesforce languages and metadata.

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CodeScan Home - Visualforce
CodeScan Home - Metadata
CodeScan Home - Lightning

Features Comparison

Feature CodeScan’s Solutions Other Static Code Analysis Solutions
Exclusively for the Salesforce platform
More than 800 rules for code quality and security
Compatible with Salesforce languages
OWASP and SANS compliant
Supports CI/CD pipelines
IDE plugins available
Simple price structure
Top rated app on AppExchange
All rules available for the SFDX format
Scheduled reports
SAML-based SSO

Features Comparison


Exclusively for the Salesforce platform

More than 350 rules for code quality and security

Compatible with Salesforce languages

OWASP and SANS compliant

Supports CI/CD pipelines

IDE plugins available

Simple price structure

Top rated app on AppExchange

CodeScan’s Solutions

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Trusted by more than 1000 developers

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See CodeScan in Action

Thousands of customers have improved their DevOps processes with our source code scanner for Salesforce since 2014.  See why our trophy case and fan club continue to grow with a free live demonstration.


Dive Deeper

Syntax challenges. Undefined variables. Security risks. Non-conformance to programming standards. We help you identify and resolve them as they happen. 

CodeScan’s innovative static code-scanning tool designed specifically for Salesforce DevOps. With our Salesforce code scanner, you equip your development team with a powerful tool for transparency, code quality, data security, and efficiency. 

Confirming code quality begins with a deeper look at what’s happening as it occurs. Empower your team to stay agile with up-to-the-minute information. CodeScan delivers real-time visibility and insights at every point in the development process. Users receive alert notifications about code health and recommendations for fixing issues, so your team can quickly respond to and resolve errors as they arise. 

Put information at the fingertips of those who need it. Our custom dashboards and reports deliver the insights your programmers need to ensure your end product’s performance meets or exceeds expectations.

With CodeScan, you have better control over your code quality and standardization. 

Enhance your confidence with granular analysis and line-by-line quality checks. CodeScan contains hundreds of built-in rulesets to examine each line for errors and vulnerabilities. There’s no limit to the number of lines our solution can analyze—your team can run as many as necessary to reduce overall development costs while improving your code’s health and quality. 

Improving code quality through standardization positions you to function well as future Salesforce releases occur. Plus, you can configure the included rulesets to meet your specific needs and challenges. We’ve designed CodeScan to support and reinforce your internal policies and procedures. 

Data security is always a priority, especially if your business stores or processes sensitive personal information. Breaches create trust issues with customers, and those in regulated industries can receive significant consequences for non-compliance with privacy laws.  

CodeScan supports a more robust security posture through better coding structures. It detects and alerts you to potential code risks that could create a pathway for bad actors, even presenting recommendations for fixing them. 

CodeScan empowers your team to achieve more and do it effectively with automation and integration capabilities. 

Salesforce DevOps is a process—an event at any step can significantly affect other sequences. CodeScan automates code review. As a result, your team can concentrate on their core task of developing code. Static code analysis tools also lessen redundancy and the time spent reworking previously written code for faster releases and better end user experiences.