Continuous Quality and Security for Salesforce

End to end code analysis solution to ensure quality and security of orgs on the salesforce platform.

  • ✔ Best in class static code analysis solution for Salesforce
  • ✔ 500+ security and quality rules for Apex, Visualforce, Lightning and Metadata
  • ✔ Integrates directly with Salesforce and all popular CI/CD Pipelines
  • ✔ Integrates into the developer environment

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Rich Visual Reporting Tools

Self Hosted

Check your code for security and quality with the most extensive database for the Salesforce platform.

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Rich Visual Reporting Tools


All the benefits of Self Hosted without the need for servers and infrastructure.

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Rich Visual Reporting Tools

Editor Plugins

Plug in CodeScan to your favorite editor and use real-time feedback as you are typing.

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Rich Visual Reporting Tools

Track and Control Quality

CodeScan has been shown to reduce more than 60% of production bugs. We observed an 85% decrease for global System Integrators. Bugs are the most time-consuming factor of maintenance. Reduce overhead, testing and deployment.

Increases product quality with best practice standards and effective governance

Rich and intuitive dashboard with mission critical metrics

Save time on Code Reviews

With over 500 rules for code coverage, code duplication, code complexity, security, maintainability and more, CodeScan automates most of the review tasks often missed by regular code review.

Static code analysis significantly reduces time spent on code reviews.

Rich Visual Reporting Tools
Rich Visual Reporting Tools

Increase Productivity

CodeScan IDE Plugins provide real-time automated feedback "as you type". This allows developers to "navigate" better while they are "driving" and therefore "ship" faster.

CodeScan reduces the need for using resources and methodologies for training. Constant automated feedback over lengthy manuals in order to understand the organization’s coding guidelines.

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