Salesforce Security Compliance Tools:
Governance and Accountability

CodeScan’s Salesforce Security Posture Management capabilities governs organizational policies by enforcing the
security and compliance rules mandated for your
Salesforce environment.

Putting Control Back Into Your Hands

Unfortunately, companies often fall out of compliance with the rules and policies they put in place. Salesforce security posture management provides the visibility you need to avoid audits, security issues, and the loss of proprietary information.

  • An interactive dashboard is created at the end of each scan that identifies your compliance score and any areas of concern—saving you time and money.
  • Salesforce security posture management addresses metadata rules in areas of your Salesforce environment that need it most—such as profiles, customer data, permission sets, user permissions, and session settings.
  • Policy review progress is tracked, ensuring admins maintain governance control within their organization.
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Guaranteed Adherence to Salesforce Rules and

Why put rules in place if you aren’t going to verify they are being followed? Salesforce security posture management provides the accountability you need to remain in compliance with important rules and policies.

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Comprehensive Overview
A thorough understanding of what your Salesforce org contains informs the rules and best practices you need to follow.
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Establish Unique Standards
Customizations and add-ons require policies that won’t apply to anybody besides you.
Easily Locate and Enforce Standards
Pre-established rules and policies exist within your Salesforce environment and need to be addressed.

Salesforce Security Posture Management Product Features

The number of managed packages and apps available as add-ons to your Salesforce platform continues to expand every year. This is great because the technology provides additional functionality, but it can also lead to an unmanageable influx of metadata, rules, and permission sets. Salesforce Security Posture Management helps you sift through these settings so nothing falls between the cracks.

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Enhanced Organization

Expanded metadata rules specifically address profiles, permission sets, user settings, session settings, and flow.

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Reliable Analysis

Integration of new UI elements for analysis of metadata rules.

Complete Visibility

Personalized dashboards display findings for easy reporting, tracking, and analysis.

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Expanded Access

Straightforward functionality doesn’t require coding knowledge, making it usable by system administrators, low-code developers, and more.

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Analyze the security settings of Mulesoft configuration files to ensure vulnerabilities aren’t introduced into your system.

Inventory Management

You don’t have to be a developer with 20 years of experience to understand the intricacies of your Salesforce environment. With Salesforce security posture management, you can:
  • Utilize an easy-to-use, no-code interface that admins, low-code developers, and anyone else who needs to verify adherence to policies can navigate.
  • Examine compliance requirements and receive alerts the moment something doesn’t match up.
  • Address internal rules, Salesforce-native rules, and any other policies impacting your environment.
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The settings that make up your governance strategy can fall out of sync with your standards. Salesforce security posture management offers:
  • 100% adherence to native and custom Salesforce policies while also helping you keep everything consistent.
  • Immediate notifications and explanations of specific policy failures.
  • Permissions, rules, and settings that can be homogenized so you don’t have to worry about overexposure of important data.
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Finding data sets only gives you something to store. You also need to be able to interpret that information in order to benefit from it. Salesforce security posture management allows you to:
  • Gather actionable information that can be used to address current needs and establish policies and procedures to provide continued coverage.
  • Define policy parameters and assess your team’s ability to meet preset standards.
  • Utilize specialized dashboards and reports that provide detailed information about the success and failures regarding the enforcement of your policies.
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