Save the date and get ready for world's largest cloud

Save the date and get ready for world's largest cloud.


Enhanced development with tools and automation built specifically for the Salesforce platform.

AutoRABIT Platform

AutoRABIT Platform

A complete DevSecOps and DataOps environment for Salesforce that accelerates development velocity, increases quality, and delivers security and compliance.



Reduce complexity and increase release velocity for your Salesforce development, deployment and management with Automated Release Management

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AutoRABIT Vault

AutoRABIT Vault

Complete backup and recovery for Salesforce availability that meets compliance requirements and supports development at speed.

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Streamline Your Salesforce Development Pipeline

Faster Feature Delivery

Automate your development process from code creation to production deployment with process flows that enhance quality, speed delivery, and reduce risk.

Flexible Deployment Options

AutoRABIT delivered and self-hosted delivery options available to meet your organization's risk, security, and compliance requirements.

Support Security & Compliance

Implement DevSecOps processes that reduce security and compliance risks with high quality code, a secure development supply chain, and integrated backup and recovery.


DevSecOps requires a full-system approach. AutoRABIT's ARM and Vault Data Backup & Recovery provide all the essential capabilities needed to remain secure and compliant while producing successful deployments at a higher velocity.

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Platform Capabilities

Feature AutoRABIT
CodeScan Integration
Deployment - Full and Incremental
Rapid Rollbacks
Version Control Operations
Change Management
Full SFDX Support
Turnkey CI/CD
Extensive DepOps Tool Integrations
Unlimited Metadata Depth
Audit Logs
Data Archiving
Sandbox Seeding, Replication, Synchronization
Automated Full and Incremental Backup
Selective Restore
Backup Compare

Increase Deployment Quality and Security!

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