Save the date and get ready for world's largest cloud Save the date and get ready for world's largest cloud.

Self Hosted

Check your code for security and quality with the most extensive database for the Salesforce platform.


Get all the benefits of our Self Hosted service without the need of servers or internal infrastructure.

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Editor Plugins

Plug in CodeScan to your favorite editor and get real-time feedback while you code.

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Speed Up Your Workflow

Track and Control

Maintain the quality of your code throughout the development process.

Save Time on Code

Customizable quality gates allow you to see your project’s quality in real-time.


Automate your reviews and focus on things that matter.

Self Hosted

Check your code for bugs and vulnerabilities with the most complete rule set for Apex, Visualforce, Lightning, and Metadata. CodeScan’s Self Hosted, static code analysis solution can be installed on-site, directly in your own environment, providing you with complete control of your metadata.

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Self Hosted Product Features

Custom rules

Every org has different needs. With our Self Hosted solution, you can create custom rules to fit your development teams review process.

SonarQube™ Integration

We are integrated 100% with SonarQube™ allowing you to use all the features available with your SonarQube™ edition.


CodeScan is a flexible solution and can work with complex customized DevOps pipelines.

100% Language Coverage

Don’t worry about limitations when it comes to language coverage. We are 100% compatible with Salesforce languages and Metadata.

Reduce technical debt

CodeScan will pick up on any code vulnerabilities, bugs, and issues in your environment, enabling your team to reduce technical debt in real-time.

Unlimited Scans

Whether you have 40 lines of code or 400,000 lines, our solution can scan an unlimited amount of lines of code.

Security Compliant

Code standardization and security is as important to us as it is to you! 100% of our security rules are aligned with CWE, OWASP and SANS standards.

Features Comparison

Feature Self Hosted Cloud
Email support included
Licensing Per codeblock Per codeblock
Subscription Yearly only Monthly or yearly
Pre-requisite Hosting servers required Minimal
Requirements Requires SonarQube™ and Java None
Branch analysis Requires SonarQube™ Developer Edition
Weekly report Requires SonarQube™ Enterprise
GitHub integration
Bitbucket integration
Salesforce integration
Custom rules

Develop high quality, secure code!

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