Empower your DevOps teams with CodeScan’s leading end-to-end static code analysis solution, designed exclusively for Salesforce.


Use our comprehensive code quality management tools on your infrastructure.



Reduce upfront spending and increase accessibility to our code quality monitoring tools.

CodeScan - Editor Plugins


Pair our code quality scanner with your editor of choice for real-time insights as you write.

Improve Code Quality

Your application’s code quality makes the difference between a successful DevOps solution and a failed one. High-quality code supports integrations into your current environment, mitigates security risks, and prevents bugs and errors. Support the superior quality your custom Salesforce implementation needs with CodeScan—an end-to-end code quality DevOps tool.

Enhanced Visibility

The first step to fixing code quality issues is knowing where they occur. CodeScan provides a real-time look into your code’s viability at every stage in the development process. Enable your team to be forward-thinking and agile, responding to exceptions as they happen to keep projects on schedule and in line with functional expectations.

Automated Code Review

Streamline the review process with CodeScan’s automated code quality scanning tools. Ninety-six percent of our customers have reported our solution increases the efficiency of code review.

This robust tool helps eliminate the need to revisit large amounts of code that impact functionalities later in the development journey. With up-to-the-minute alerts, your team can rewrite immediately and prevent time-consuming research later.

Plus, CodeScan uses over 600 integrated rules to confirm your code health. You can customize these rules to your unique business needs for even more control and standardization with your policies. There’s no limit to the amount of line-by-line quality reviews you can run, giving you extra confidence at line-item levels.

Real-Time User Information

CodeScan supports better code quality and decision-making with custom dashboards and reports.

Our dashboards give developers a one-glance snapshot of what’s happening as it occurs. Since these update automatically and in real time, every team member collaborates with the most current information possible. 

The robust reporting functionality allows you to extrapolate the data that matters most to your organization and projects. Keep stakeholders informed with high-level analysis and insights.

Recommended Resolutions

CodeScan’s code quality check tools do more than notify you of potential issues—they also make it easier to resolve them. 

When our static analysis solution identifies challenges, it automatically generates a recommended fix. Your team can devote more time to development than error resolution, speeding up the release of new functionalities that support your unique business objectives.

Higher Data Security

Data security is vital for any business to preserve customer trust and safeguard privacy.

Standardized and well-structured code helps prevent bad actors from finding loopholes to gain access to your data. CodeScan automatically identifies potential security risks in real time, so your team can resolve them before a breach occurs.

Streamline Your Workflow

Maintain the quality of your code throughout the salesforce development process.

Monitor Quality Continuously

Ensure code integrity and health across the entire development sequence.

Save Time on Code Reviews

Reduce Time on Code Review

Get real-time visibility into quality with tailored quality gates.

Increase Productivity by Automating your reviews

Boost Productivity

Leverage the power of automated code reviews with our comprehensive code quality checker.

Salesforce Self-Hosted Code Quality Tools

Resolve bugs and eliminate vulnerabilities with the most extensive scanning tools for Visualforce, Apex, Metadata, and Lightning. Install CodeScan in your on-site infrastructure for static code analysis and metadata control.

Visit our Knowledge Base to find directions for downloading our most recent versions of CodeScan.

CodeScan - Check your code for bugs

Salesforce Self-Hosted Product Features

CodeScan Custom Rules


Every org has different needs. With our Self-Hosted code quality assessment tools, you can create custom rules to fit your development teams review process.

SONARQUBE integration


We are integrated 100% with SonarQube™ allowing you to comply with SonarQube™ rules for salesforce and use all the features available with your SonarQube™ edition.

CodeScan - Flexible Solution


CodeScan is a flexible solution and can work with complex customized DevOps pipelines.



Language coverage won't slow you down—we're completely compatible with all Salesforce metadata and languages.

CodeScan - Reduce Technical Debt


CodeScan's code quality inspection tools detect code issues as they happen, empowering your team to drive down technical debt as it occurs.



We support unlimited line-by-line scanning, so you can check as much code as necessary.

100% of our code security rules are aligned with CWE, OWASP and SANS standards.


We know how crucial security and standardization are to you because they also matter to us. Our security rules support 100% compliance with CWE, OSWAP, and SANS guidelines.

Features Comparison

Feature Self-Hosted Cloud
Email support included
Licensing Per codeblock Per codeblock
Subscription Yearly only Monthly or yearly
Pre-requisite Hosting servers required Minimal
Requirements Requires SonarQube™ and Java None
Branch analysis Requires SonarQube™ Developer Edition
Weekly report Requires SonarQube™ Enterprise
GitHub integration Requires AutoRabit ARM or Salesforce CLI
Bitbucket integration Requires AutoRabit ARM or Salesforce CLI
GitLab integration Requires AutoRabit ARM or Salesforce CLI
Salesforce integration Requires AutoRabit ARM or Salesforce CLI
Custom rules

Features Comparison


Email support included





Branch analysis

Weekly report

GitHub integration

Bitbucket integration

Salesforce integration

Custom Rules

Self Hosted

Green Checkmark Icon

Pre codeblock

Yearly only

Hosting servers required

Requires SonarQube™ and Java

Requires SonarQube™ Developer Edition

Requires SonarQube™ Enterprise

Green Checkmark Icon
Green Checkmark Icon
Green Checkmark Icon
Green Checkmark Icon


Blue Checkmark

Pre codeblock

Monthly or yearly



Blue Checkmark
Blue Checkmark
Blue Checkmark
Blue Checkmark
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