CodeScan 23.2: Enhanced User Experience and Superior Control

CodeScan 23.2_ Enhanced User Experience and Superior Control

In an ongoing effort to provide developers with the most powerful, user-friendly Static Application Security Testing (SAST) tool for Salesforce, AutoRABIT is thrilled to announce the latest update to CodeScan. This update introduces several significant improvements that will enhance your ability to maintain high-quality code and improve your security posture.

Here’s an overview of the exciting new features. 

  1. Security + Compliance
  2. Operational Efficiency
  3. Actionable Insights

Security + Compliance

Enhanced Token Generation 

We’ve updated our token generation process to provide increased control over project analyses. Now, you can create two types of tokens—Project Analysis Tokens and User Tokens. 

Project Analysis Tokens permit analyses to be run specifically for the projects they were created for. In contrast, User Tokens have all the permissions of the user who issued them, enabling more comprehensive rights to an instance. 

Plus, to enhance security, you can now choose an expiration for your tokens or opt for no expiration. And don’t worry about forgetting—you’ll get an email reminder a week before your token’s expiry date.

CodeScan 23.2_ Enhanced User Experience and Superior ControlQuality Gate Permissions

The latest update introduces a ‘Permissions’ section in the Quality Gates page. This feature empowers users with the global ‘Administer quality gates’ permission to assign specific permissions to individuals or user groups for managing a particular quality gate. 

Editing Quality Gates 

To ensure only intended changes are made, users must now use the ‘Unlock editing’ feature to modify existing conditions or add new ones for quality gates. This additional step provides an added layer of control and accuracy. 

MuleSoft Scanning

CodeScan’s new MuleSoft scanner tool analyzes the security settings of sensitive configuration files to ensure vulnerabilities aren’t introduced to the system. For example, this tool can check if the credentials for a third-party database access are properly encrypted.

Operational Efficiency

Efficient Key Shortcuts 

CodeScan now supports keyboard shortcuts for various actions, providing a faster, more efficient workflow. You can view the list of available shortcuts simply by pressing the question mark (?) on your keyboard.

Actionable Insights

CodeScan 23.2_ Enhanced User Experience and Superior Control

Revamped User Interface

AutoRABIT implemented some significant changes to enhance the user interface and improve your overall experience: 

  1. The link “Why is this an issue?” has been moved to within each individual issue to provide detailed insight for every detected issue. 
  2. The ‘My Projects’ section now includes ‘My Favorites’ and ‘All’ tabs. The ‘My Favorites’ tab houses your favorite projects, and the ‘All’ tab shows all projects currently added in your organization. 

At CodeScan, we’re committed to providing you with the best SAST tool to streamline your coding process, enforce best practices, and maintain the highest quality. This latest update is another significant step towards that commitment. We’re eager for you to explore these new features and can’t wait to hear your feedback!

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