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Why AI-Generated Code for Salesforce Should Be Quality Checked + Tested

Artificial intelligence (AI) generation is disrupting a vast amount of industries. Using AI to generate basic code can simplify development and provide a foundation for advanced software applications. You can expend more time and mental energy on software development’s creative and strategic aspects. However, you must use AI-generated code prudently and review its quality before executing it.

3 Reasons to Check Salesforce AI Code Quality

AI-generated code has revolutionized the software development scene and provides several advantages, such as faster turnaround times, consistency, and data-driven insights. However, AI-generated code still requires a human touch to deliver high-quality results. There are three primary reasons to employ quality checks before executing your code:

1. Less Efficient

AI solutions often produce brute-force code that may not run quickly or that uses more resources than necessary. Significant power consumption negatively affects your project’s costs and performance, making the human eye necessary to ensure the code runs efficiently. After all, as a developer, you are the expert in code efficiency.

2. Less Secure

Security is one of the most critical aspects of coding and software development. Users trust Salesforce software with their private and company information. 

AI code generators are trained on example code from across the web, and these generators combine multiple solutions, so there is a risk of AI fabricating incorrect codes or “hallucinating.” These hallucinations subsequently create vulnerabilities that afford easier access for hackers.

3. Less Compliant

AI programs may not comply with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) because they are not trained with current information. A human touch ensures software meets essential code regulations, such as CWE, OWASP, and SANS standards.

How to Quality Check and Test AI-Generated Code

A sure-fire way to check your code’s quality is with static code analysis tools. Static testing takes place in the early stages of development and checks the code and documentation. CodeScan offers Salesforce developers a reliable static code analysis tool that examines your code for potential errors and vulnerabilities without executing the software. We can also run your code through a unit testing framework to assess individual code segments, ensuring your software functions efficiently.

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AI-generated code offers an efficient approach, streamlining basic processes and saving valuable time. CodeScan’s automated Salesforce AI code review tools leave no room for error and ensure your code meets compliance and security requirements. Reach out to us today to schedule a free demo

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