Enhanced AI-Driven Support Documentation

Enhanced AI-Driven Support Documentation _CodeScan

Enhanced AI-Driven Support Documentation_CodeScanAI-driven support documentation makes it easier and faster for users to sort through extensive materials to find the answers they need and get back to work.

Why It Matters: Every minute matters. If users spend unnecessarily large amounts of time on every project looking for answers to their questions, this snowballs into a massive waste of time that degrades the team member’s experience, delays releases, and costs the organization money.

  • AutoRABIT is hosting its new documentation platform on GitBook for ease of use and an intuitive interface.
  • We have leveraged the power of GitBooks’ AI Lens feature tailored for AutoRABIT, which will help users quickly and easily find the materials they need.
  • Lens is a critical tool that will streamline answering users’ questions—saving time, reducing errors, and eliminating confusion.

Here are 6 ways AutoRABIT’s new AI-driven support documentation will help users fast-track their DevOps approach.

  1. Supports All AutoRABIT Products
  2. Improves Quality
  3. Reduces Downtime
  4. Professional Refinement
  5. Increases Value from Tools
  6. Standardizes Consistent Processes

1. Supports All AutoRABIT Products

AutoRABIT’s new AI-powered assistant helps users find the answers to any question they have across the entire AutoRABIT platform. Lens digs through our comprehensive repository of support documentation so users can quickly find answers to their questions.

Expediting the process of finding applicable documentation maximizes teams’ time and productivity.

Lens marks a huge leap forward in user-friendly support. AutoRABIT is committed to giving users the best experience possible. Implementing a streamlined documentation platform on GitBook is a fundamental part of accomplishing this goal.

2. Improves Quality

Enhanced AI-Driven Support Documentation_CodeScan

The goal of every Salesforce DevOps team is to produce the best products. A high-quality update or application improves the experience of the end user and positions a company as a leader in their industry.

Giving everyone the tools and information they need to succeed starts with support and ends with reliable, high-quality DevOps products.

Automated release management, static code analysis, and data backup and recovery are all key components of a high-functioning DevOps pipeline. Enabling your team to harness the power of these tools with AI-driven support optimizes the process as well as the results.

3. Reduces Downtime

When a team member doesn’t know what to do, they have to either wait until they get an answer or try something that will likely end up being a mistake. Leveraging AI to find an answer to questions minimizes the time spent searching for an answer, allowing progress to continue instead of delaying the process.

AI assistants find source material quickly, giving team members the answers they need and enabling them to quickly return to their tasks.

Any time spent waiting instead of working on the DevOps project increases the time to value for the end user and diminishes the ROI for the entire project. And when this happens across multiple projects, the impacts snowball. AI-driven support documentation reduces the time your team spends looking for answers so they can increase their time spent furthering a project.

4. Professional Refinement

Enhanced AI-Driven Support Documentation_CodeScanAccess to information is a major factor in the continued growth of a team member’s skill set. Stronger employees offer more value to their organization, have a better time at work, and derive more satisfaction from the work they create.

Quickly finding answers in support documentation makes it easier for team members to learn and grow in their positions.

AI makes it much easier for teams to find the answers they need. These learning tools benefit the current project as well as team members’ wealth of knowledge moving forward.

5. Increases Value from Tools

Why would you spend the money on a piece of software and then only use a small part of what it can do? Every piece of the AutoRABIT platform has something to offer in terms of streamlining processes, securing your IT environment, and increasing the quality of your DevOps output.

Support documentation is critical to learning about unused functionality, increasing the overall benefits your team sees from using the AutoRABIT platform.

Tools like CodeScan have a lot to offer. But if you don’t know how to make the most of its range of functionalities, you’re leaving a lot on the table.

6. Standardizes Consistent Processes

Enhanced AI-Driven Support Documentation_CodeScan

It’s much easier to plan future projects when you can accurately assess the outcome. A lack of consistency means surprises are going to pop up that necessitate making adjustments on the fly. This increases the time to production.

Easy access to support documentation keeps all your team members on the same page, increasing consistency, speed, and the quality of your products.

An AI assistant makes it much easier for team members to find the materials they need so they can collaborate more efficiently.

Next Step…

Now that you have a better understanding of how to use the AutoRABIT platform, it’s time to dig into how you can best use tools like CodeScan. Data security is always a top concern, and it’s often closely tied to quality considerations.

Read our blog, If You Aren’t Using Salesforce Monitoring Tools, Your Data Is at Risk, to learn more.


An AI tool can be trained to look for specified information with the proper guidance. Utilizing an AI tool within the context of a support documentation platform enables users to enter a query and be pointed in the right direction without the need to manually comb through dense materials. This streamlines the process and makes it much more user-friendly.

AutoRABIT implemented GitBook Lens alongside LearningHub, the new support platform for AutoRABIT users. Lens helps users find the answers to their questions in GitBook, the application AutoRABIT is leveraging to host support documentation. Users can input a pull request and Lens will dig through the extensive documentation library to find materials to answer their questions. This makes it much easier for users to quickly find solutions so they can continue working on the project at hand.

AutoRABIT has introduced a two-pronged approach to improving the support infrastructure for users, using LearningHub and GitBook to provide the support and reference material AutoRABIT users need to get the most value from their DevOps tools. These platforms offer documentation, explanation videos, tutorials, and more for every aspect of the AutoRABIT experience. This marks a giant leap forward in AutoRABIT support and comes as a direct result of feedback from users.

Develop high quality, secure code!

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