The Evolution of Our Salesforce Code Quality Monitoring Tools

CodeScan - The Evolution of Our Salesforce Code Quality Monitoring Tools

The Evolution of Our Salesforce Code Quality Monitoring ToolsCodeScan monitors a lot more than code quality these days. The value this automated tool brings to Salesforce DevOps teams continues to expand with each update.

Why It Matters: Expanding automated monitoring capabilities means DevOps teams can further reduce manual processes to minimize errors and expedite reliable releases.

  • Generic code quality tools don’t address the unique structure of Salesforce DevOps.
  • Early detection of errors drastically reduces the cost of fixing them.
  • Unchecked permissions can lead to a dramatic increase in data exposures, accidental deletions, and compliance risks.

Here are five ways Salesforce monitoring tools have evolved to address even more critical aspects of your Salesforce DevOps pipeline:

  1. Integrated Policy Management
  2. Expanded Rules
  3. Revamped Documentation + Training Materials
  4. Improved Oversight of Third-Party Applications
  5. Increased Security + Compliance Support

1. Integrated Policy Management

The Evolution of Our Salesforce Code Quality Monitoring Tools

Developers aren’t the only team members who can benefit from automated Salesforce monitoring tools. Adherence to internal policies is a critical factor in remaining secure and productive. However, it can be difficult to manage these requirements for large teams.

The introduction of OrgScan has drastically increased the value CodeScan offers to users.

OrgScan enables teams to set standards for usage and permission settings to ensure nothing slips between the cracks and creates vulnerabilities in your Salesforce environment.

2. Expanded Rules

The number of rules that come standard in your static code analysis tool will determine how valuable it is to your organization. A quality scanning tool that only has a small number of rules—or rules that don’t address your particular coding environment—won’t provide the benefits you need to guarantee clean, safe code.

CodeScan’s ruleset continues to expand. Currently, CodeScan has more than 3,100 rules—800 of them specific to Salesforce.

This expansive set of rules covers a wide variety of coding vulnerabilities and errors to help your team create the most secure and stable applications and updates possible.

3. Revamped Documentation + Training Materials

The Evolution of Our Salesforce Code Quality Monitoring ToolsUser experience is a major factor in the level of value an organization gets from Salesforce monitoring tools. But when you have a question that doesn’t get answered, users become frustrated as they’re unable to adequately complete their tasks.

AutoRABIT has launched a massive expansion of its training and support infrastructure. This includes videos, walk-throughs, and AI-assisted documentation.

LearningHub offers users everything they need to get the most from CodeScan as well as the rest of AutoRABIT’s DevSecOps suite of tools.

4. Improved Oversight of Third-Party Applications

Salesforce is an amazing tool, but it’s often necessary to integrate third-party applications to address specific industry needs. Yet if these integrations aren’t structured appropriately, organizations run the risk of introducing data security vulnerabilities to their platform.

CodeScan offers a scanning tool specifically for MuleSoft to analyze security settings of configuration files to ensure vulnerabilities aren’t introduced into the system.

The configuration files associated with MuleSoft APIs are scanned to identify and remediate potential vulnerabilities and cybersecurity risks. This helps administrators oversee the management of third-party applications and avoid exposure to additional data security vulnerabilities in their Salesforce environments.

5. Increased Security + Compliance Support

The Evolution of Our Salesforce Code Quality Monitoring Tools

All of these updates and advancements support stronger DevOps projects. Our clients are better positioned to quickly and confidently introduce new applications by leveraging these new capabilities. Not only does this increase your esteem with your customers, but it also helps your organization better navigate data security regulations.

Compliance and uninterrupted service require flawless code and adherence to best practices within your Salesforce environment. CodeScan’s advancements continue to strengthen your ability to accomplish these critical considerations.

AutoRABIT is committed to moving forward—both in our approach and our offerings to clients. Your success is our success, so each advancement and update is performed with your needs in mind. These recent CodeScan improvements showcase our dedication to enabling teams to remain secure while increasing quality and productivity.

Next Step…

CodeScan has come a long way to become the top Salesforce code quality and policy monitoring tool for Salesforce DevOps teams. It helps ensure high-quality releases, but how does it support data security?

Check out our blog, How an Automated Code Review Tool Solves Data Issues, to learn more.


Salesforce monitoring tools seamlessly integrate into a comprehensive DevSecOps approach. They are essential components for safeguarding your Salesforce platform and connected applications. DevSecOps underscores the importance of incorporating security practices into the software development and deployment process. We do this by providing continuous monitoring, automated security scans, and real-time alerts. This facilitates compliance adherence, vulnerability mitigation, and data protection while offering insights into performance optimization. Tools like CodeScan also support the automation principle of DevSecOps by ensuring consistent enforcement of security policies and permissions. The ability to integrate with other DevSecOps tools and provide valuable feedback contribute to an agile, secure, and responsive development and deployment life cycle.

Manually monitoring a Salesforce DevOps project is possible, but it’s not nearly as efficient or effective as automating the process. Human error is unavoidable. This can lead to potentially overlooking critical security vulnerabilities, performance issues, or compliance violations that automated tools can identify with greater accuracy and consistency. Manually overseeing these processes takes your team members away from working toward other, more pressing issues at the same time as reducing the reliability of the results. An automated Salesforce monitoring tool streamlines your processes while optimizing the results. Additionally, some tools provide advanced user behavior analysis, which can be challenging to replicate manually.

Salesforce monitoring tools are an essential part of a DevSecOps approach. However, combining these tools with a surrounding infrastructure of automated tools increases the benefits an organization is likely to see from their efforts. Automated release management tools like version control and data seeding increase accountability and make it easier to spot and rectify mistakes. Data backup and recovery are critical aspects of a comprehensive approach and provide the coverage you need when worst-case scenarios occur. CI/CD is the goal of every release team, and these tools go a long way towards enabling organizations to optimize their approach.

Develop high quality, secure code!

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