Performing Quality Checks with Salesforce VS Code Plugins

Quality Checks with Salesforce VS Code Plugins

We all know Salesforce gained popularity because of its “Clicks Not Code” interface. However, there are many programmers and DevOps teams that want to move beyond the limitations of no code/low code environments.

Performing Quality Checks with Salesforce VS Code PluginsVisual Studio Code is a source code editor that can be implemented within the Salesforce platform to enable traditional coding methods.

This allows a more customized environment so your DevOps team can comfortably work toward achieving your DevOps goals. Plugins are available to further customize the environment and enable your team more tools and languages.

But how do Salesforce extensions and VS code plugins for Salesforce impact data security measures?

1. How Do Quality Checks Work with Salesforce VS Code?

Mistakes are going to happen. Even the most skilled and experienced developers are going to occasionally enter errors into VS code plugins for Salesforce. And as long as these errors are discovered and rectified before they have a chance to either impact other coding structures or make it into a live product, they won’t be costly or potentially harmful.

Quality checks can be performed manually or with the help of an automated tool. We strongly recommend utilizing automation to ensure complete coverage.

Static code analysis can be used within VS code plugins for Salesforce to check each line of code as its written while also reducing technical debt. Other DevOps tools like CI/CD can offer additional opportunities for testing to find and flag bugs and vulnerabilities that will impact the over quality of the project.

2. Multi Developer Teams Increase Vulnerabilities

visual studio code salesforce plugin

An awareness of all the potential factors that can impact the quality of your DevOps project will better help you check for bugs and errors. Afterall, you can’t fix a problem if you don’t know it’s there. Structural considerations as well as proper communication can help avoid these potentially costly errors.

Code overwrites and overexposure of data are frequent data security and quality vulnerabilities that are inherent to working within a multi developer team.

Simple errors can occur when more than one team member is working within VS code plugins for Salesforce. It can also be easy to overlook updating a team member’s permission settings. Both of these simple considerations can have large consequences if they are not addressed early in the DevOps process.

3. Better Code Creates Better Projects

Technical debt occurs when quality and security considerations are put off in lieu of pushing a DevOps project to production. The idea is that the team can return at a later date to address the bugs and errors as they show themselves. However, this method creates unstable applications and updates that can pose data security risks as well as simply being unpleasant to use.

Placing a focus on maintaining high quality code within CS code plugins for Salesforce will, in turn, positively impact functionality and data security measures.

You can’t build a great house with faulty bricks. Software application is the same way. The code that goes into the VS code plugins for Salesforce are the bricks that make up your application or update. Stronger code equals strong results.

4. Real Time Visibility Reduces Overall Costs

We mentioned the importance of finding errors in your code as soon as possible. This is because it becomes more expensive to fix coding errors the later they are found in the Salesforce DevOps pipeline. The only way to maximize the returns you see from your development efforts is to minimize the amount of labor and resources that go into creating them.

Automated quality tools like static code analysis alert developers to coding errors the moment they are introduced to the system.

Simply rewriting a line of code in the VS code editor is much easier than weeding back through thousands of lines of code later in the dev pipeline.

5. More Visual Studio Code Checkpoints Offer Greater Results 

salesforce visual studio code analysisQuality checks within VS code plugins work better when there are multiple opportunities to find errors. This is because there are multiple opportunities to introduce errors to an update or application. A line of code might fine by itself but cause problems when merged with the main repository, such as overwriting an existing line of code.

Other DevOps tools like continuous integration and continuous delivery offer an additional opportunity to find and eradicate errors within the code.

Giving your team the tools they need to produce the best products with VS code plugins for Salesforce means sourcing multiple options that address the various stages of the DevOps pipeline.

6. Static Code Analysis Is an Essential Aspect of DevSecOps

Salesforce DevSecOps requires the utilization of automation, open lines of communication between the various team members, and a constant attention to data security matters.

Static code analysis enables your team members to consistently produce high quality work, expediting the development process, and supporting the overall data security strategy.

VS code plugins for Salesforce create a dev environment that requires more knowledge in order to produce quality products. It is imperative to perform multiple quality checks to receive vulnerability and bug feedback throughout the pipeline in order to confidently produce secure and stable applications and updates.


It creates data security vulnerabilities and negatively impacts the end user’s experience.

Updates and applications with bugs and errors can be exploited by cybercriminals and lead to system failures.

Utilize automation, set up multiple checkpoints, and communicate the importance of avoiding errors to team members.

Develop high quality, secure code!

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