7 Benefits of a Salesforce Code Scanner


There are a lot of stages a DevOps project has to go through before it gets into the hands of the end user. These various stages will set up those that follow, and all contribute to the overall success of the project.

And throughout all of this, the code your developers introduce will be the most important aspect of the application or update at hand.

7 Benefits of a Salesforce Code Scanner_CodeScanYou can have the most thorough planning stages and streamlined deployment processes, but none of it will result in a successful product if the code is riddled with bugs and errors. And the later these mistakes are found, the more expensive they will be to correct.

So how can you enable your team members to produce consistently high-quality code?

A Salesforce code scanner provides the insights and ability to create and merge quality code even in a multi-developer team. This powerful, automated tool takes repetitive processes out of your team members’ hands so they can focus on more pressing issues.

But what exactly does a Salesforce code scanner offer your DevOps team? And what advantages does it provide?

1. Faster Time to Market

Industry leaders are the ones that blaze trails. Being the first to market with new services and capabilities are the only way to position yourself as a leader. This is going to be difficult if your Salesforce DevOps projects gets tuck in testing phases, have difficult deployments, or experience bugs after they are released.

A Salesforce code scanner provides the infrastructure your team needs to expedite the development and deployment of updates and applications.

Automated review processes take the arduous task of testing code stability out of your team members’ hands so they can focus on pushing projects toward deployment. Scanning your code quickens the speed of production without sacrificing quality.

2. Less Technical Debt

7 Benefits of a Salesforce Code Scanner_CodeScan

Speeding projects to market, however, can’t be the only motivating goal. A failure to properly test your DevOps projects will lead to bugs and errors that won’t be found until after production, negatively impacting the experience of your end user. This is what’s known as technical debt—the inevitable cost of reworking updates and applications when speed is prioritized over quality.

Technical debt compounds on itself over time and is the direct result of a failure to properly address the various stages of the DevOps pipeline.

And while it might seem like ample testing might slow down the development of an application, a Salesforce code scanner covers your bases.

Automating code checks allow your developers to continue writing and deploying while receiving immediate notifications of errors. These mistakes tend to snowball so the ability to immediately address them greatly reduces the potential for technical debt.

3. Improved Data Security

Data breaches are expensive. In fact, the average cost of a data breach in 2021 was $4.24 million. Businesses need to take every possible precaution to guard against events like this. Threats are always evolving, which is why a streamlined DevOps pipeline can be a great asset. The ability to quickly introduce updates and applications helps address these evolving needs.

Errors and bugs in the coding structure of your system can create data security vulnerabilities.

Taking a relaxed approach to code quality can have a direct impact on the success of your data security strategy. Ensure strong code with the help of an automated static code analysis tool.

4. Enables Other DevOps Tools

As we know, DevOps is the combination of development and operations considerations (and teams) into a singular pipeline. This means we are addressing multiple areas of a project at every stage throughout the process. This will require great communication and collaboration between team members, but it will also require a toolset that supports surrounding aspects of the pipeline.

A Salesforce code scanner sets up other DevOps tools like CI/CD for greater success by ensuring high code quality before a project reaches the integration stage.

The tools utilized throughout the DevOps pipeline are all aimed at a similar purpose: to create the best update or application possible. A code scanner is another aspect of a full strategy to accomplish this.

5. No Surprises

7 Benefits of a Salesforce Code Scanner_CodeScanEven the most talented developers are going to make an occasional mistake. It’s inevitable and unavoidable. And as we mentioned earlier, unchecked mistakes can become a liability down the road. Beyond that, they become more costly to fix the later they are found.

Increased visibility into the health of your code and the successes (and failures) of various parts of your DevOps pipeline keeps your informed.

A Salesforce code scanner offers visibility on two levels. First, it alerts developers the moment an error is written. Second, it provides reports and dashboards so you can review how your pipeline is performing.

6. Increased Productivity

We want to maximize our developers’ time. Wasting their efforts on inconsequential or repetitive tasks makes for a worse workday for them and a degraded overall production for the company. Being productive is more than just being busy—it’s about optimizing output and ensuring every move contributes to a quality product.

Automation is the single greatest tool for increasing productivity and giving your team members the support they need to produce the best projects possible.

Static code analysis provides developers with the information they need to streamline many stages of the DevOps pipeline and speed along the code review process.

7. Better Products

The implementation of any DevOps tool will always have the same goal: to optimize and streamline the development pipeline. The processes that create these products can be costly if they are not properly structured. A failure to provide the best tools makes it much more difficult for team members to quickly produce quality products.

A Salesforce code scanner inherently creates better products through ensuring high quality code.

Give your team members the support they need to increase the number of releases per year, maintain high code quality standards, and support overall data security measures by utilizing static code analysis.

Develop high quality, secure code!

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