Top 8 Benefits of Salesforce Code Quality Tools

Top 8 Benefits of Salesforce Code Quality Tools

Speed is essential when it comes to delivering timely and helpful applications and updates. We strive to maximize our Salesforce DevOps efforts so we can provide the best experience for our end users while also saving time and money. However, this race to quickly deliver products can result in cut corners and instability.

Proper functionality and data security relies on strong coding practices, structure, and quality.

Top 8 Benefits of Salesforce Code Quality Tools_CodeScanThese characteristics don’t have to come at the expense of speed. Automated DevOps tools are available to address various functionalities within the development pipeline. The strength of the code that makes up an application or update is perhaps the most important factor in the success of a project.

So how can you guarantee code strength without devoting an unreasonable amount of team member time to building and testing?

Salesforce code quality tools are available to address the various needs of your team when it comes to writing and maintaining strong code.

1. Better Code

Well designed applications and updates are going to create a better experience for end users. There isn’t a point to taking the time to develop applications and updates if you don’t see the intended returns at the end of the pipeline. And the best way to guarantee a successful DevOps project is to produce the best code possible.

Better code means better projects, plain and simple.

As the name implies, Salesforce code quality tools aim to improve the value of your code through automated checks and reports. Even talented developers are prone to make mistakes. These tools make sure nothing slips between the cracks.

2. Faster Release Velocity

The ability to quickly move projects through the development lifecycle allows your business to better address evolving issues. The needs of your end users—and the requirements of proper data security measures—are liable to change at any time. Faster releases make your system more secure.

Streamlining code writing and review processes allows your company to enhance their offerings and better address evolving issues.

Automation is an essential aspect of a streamlined DevOps pipeline. Code reviews can be time consuming as a DevOps project grows in size. Code quality tools take this responsibility off the hands of your developers and speeds the project to deployment.

3. Reduction in Bugs and Errors

Top 8 Benefits of Salesforce Code Quality Tools_CodeScanMany Salesforce DevOps pipelines become so fixated on fast release cycles that they are willing to make concessions in other areas of the pipeline. Any bugs or errors that are designated to be handled at a later point compile over time and are what’s known as technical debt.

Technical debt has a negative impact on the end user experience, can hurt data security measures, and become quite costly.

Static code analysis immediately alerts developers to bugs and errors in the coding structure. This allows them to fix these issues before they have a chance to grow and become larger headaches down the road.

4. Strengthened Data Security

There are numerous threats to the security of your Salesforce instance, which is why its recommended to take every possible precaution to secure your environment. And while it might be tempting to focus on external-facing factors like access points, the data and metadata included within your DevOps projects should also receive attention.

Salesforce code quality tools fix errors that have the potential to go beyond simply affecting functionality into threatening data security.

Cybercriminals exploit coding errors to create backdoors into a computer system. The best way to guard against this is to ensure the data and metadata associated with your updates and applications are as stable as possible.

5. Increased Code Visibility

An unseen problem is impossible to fix. This counts for both immediate and high-level issues. Procedural problems will create long-lasting issues if they aren’t corrected. And individual mistakes can create issues within an update or application that will need to be rectified or risk a failed deployment or faulty product.

Salesforce code quality tools alter team members the moment an error is introduced to a project.

Dashboards and reports are also available to provide a well-informed, high-level analysis of your team’s coding efforts. Code health is important, and staying on top of current conditions help you keep quality levels high.

6. Enhanced Team Member Productivity

Top 8 Benefits of Salesforce Code Quality Tools_CodeScanThe attention of your team members is valuable. Spending too much time in one area will come at the detriment of another aspect of the DevOps lifecycle. Automated DevOps tools are aimed at taking repetitive and time-consuming tasks out of your developers’ hands so they can focus on what’s important.

The code review process can take a very long time as some DevOps projects are liable to have thousands of lines of code.

Automating this process with Salesforce code quality tools takes this time-consuming task away from your team members so they can spend more time creating the most secure and high quality products possible.

7. Complete Coverage

Metadata needs to be just as much of a concern as the rest of your Salesforce data. This information directly impacts the functionality of your systems and can even be susceptible to data security regulations. Proper handling of Salesforce metadata is essential.

Code quality tools are compatible with numerous languages to provide coverage of system data as well as metadata.

This ensures complete coverage of your Salesforce environment. The other benefits on this list apply to both metadata and system data alike.

8. Integrates with DevSecOps Platform

Data security is an ongoing concern for DevOps teams. This is why DevSecOps has gained traction and will continue to be a necessary concern moving forward. Integrating security considerations within every stage of your DevOps pipeline is essential to protecting your system.

Static code analysis works alongside other DevOps tools like CI/CD, data backup and recovery, and more to protect your system while enabling team members to produce the best results possible.

Salesforce code quality tools are an essential aspect of a full-featured approach to DevSecOps. Providing your team members with the tools they need to create secure, quality products at speed offers benefits to the whole company.

Develop high quality, secure code!

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