Salesforce Code Review Tool

How to Select a Salesforce Code Review Tool

Automation is quickly becoming recognized as an essential aspect of a streamlined Salesforce DevOps pipeline. Manual processes are time consuming, costly, and vulnerable to human error. These processes might have become a comfortable aspect of your pipeline, but you will need to institute new technology if you want to remain competitive. A Salesforce code review …

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CodeScan Releases Cloud Static Code Analysis
CodeScan Releases Cloud Static Code Analysis

We are proud to announce the official release of CodeScan Cloud, CodeScan as a service offering. CodeScan Cloud runs all Read more

Setting Up and Using CodeScan Effectively
Setting up and CodeScan in your salesforce org

Running CodeScan on your Salesforce Org is a great first step towards quality code, but maintaining that quality is a Read more

Estimating ROI with CodeScan
Estimate ROI using static code analysis tool CodeScan

Every Software Development Professional knows the following fact: the later bugs are found, the more expensive they are to fix. Read more

Tutorial | Setting Up CodeScan with Saleforce DX
CodeScan with Salesforce DX

Salesforce DX is a new focus on source-driven, collaborative development. The Salesforce CLI (Command Line Interface) easily integrates into your Read more