Ntegro Static Code for Agile Methodologies

static code analysis tool for agile methodologies

To keep pace with customer demand and time to market expectations, Agile methodology has become more common and necessary among Salesforce development teams. However, to squeeze the benefit of the Agile methodology, Salesforce software developers must implement reliable processes to ensure their code is free of defect and security vulnerabilities.

This is where the Static Code Analysis Tool (CodeScan) comes into play. Here are a few things about how CodeScan can support the Agile Methodology within your development process.

  • Speed – Agile is all about speed. A sprint every two weeks making everyone very stressed (and happy). Static Code Analysis Tool helps developers to improve quality and comply with coding standards – without sacrificing speed. The code scan checks for bugs and vulnerabilities before testing starts. That saves time for testing, reduces the loop between developers and QA, and pushes products out the door faster.
  • Collaboration and Education – Static Code Analysis enables development teams to define their standards. Code standards that are unique for the organization. That helps the development teams to set the expectation and speak the same language regardless of what the developer is used to in the past. That supports the Agile methodologies and enables newcomers to get up to speed faster.
  • Refactoring – You have too much old code in your environment? Salesforce is adding a new component that you want to comply with? Refactoring is simply the process of simplifying and clarifying code without changing the program’s behavior. It is essential as Salesforce and Salesforce developers are always evolving and improving. Running refactoring without a Static Code Analysis tool is very difficult and time-consuming. Static Code Analysis makes this process much easier. With one scan, you can easily see what is being used and what you can get rid of. And more importantly, you can prioritize the tasks (bugs, vulnerabilities, etc.) based on the tool’s recommendations and add them to the Agile process.

We, at CodeScan, believe that code standardization and the ability to enforce security and quality should be a common practice among all Salesforce developer teams. For that, we developed a Static Code Analysis tool, exclusively for Salesforce, that helps every day to more than 150 customers, on-premise, and on the cloud to scan billions of lines of codes and making them much more productive. That, in order to help them to bring better products into our world.

Mendy Kurant is the CEO of Ntegro, a Salesforce consulting firm focused on best practice implementations for growing organizations. Since 2017, Ntegro has completed hundreds of projects, and their customer satisfaction score is 9.7 on the AppExchange.

Develop high quality, secure code!

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