CodeScan’s Acquistion by AutoRABIT: A Complete DevSecOps Solution

CodeScan’s Acquistion by AutoRABIT: A Complete DevSecOps Solution

CodeScan has offered an essential service to further companies’ DevOps processes for years—real-time code analysis creates stronger products, faster time to market, and increased productivity. This service lends itself perfectly to fit within an entire DevSecOps solution that can automate important functions, backup Salesforce system data, and more.

CodeScan’s acquisition by industry-leader AutoRABIT brings this notion of a full suite of DevSecOps solutions to life. AutoRABIT has made a name for itself by joining powerful SaaS solutions to account for various needs associated with the Salesforce development process. CodeScan’s powerful technology complements AutoRABIT’s previous offerings to create the only complete DevSecOps solution for Salesforce.

Who Is AutoRABIT?

AutoRABIT has been growing its offerings and making a name for itself in the DevOps industry since 2014. The DevSecOps Platform enables Salesforce development teams to improve the quality of their releases at scale through a suite of CI/CD tools that enable teams to configure, build, test, and manage development environments and deployments.

The platform also supports data protection and optimization through a suite of Salesforce DataOps tools that enable development teams to retrieve greater insights from their own data while ensuring robust backup and protection. The addition of CodeScan‘s code analysis technology adds a layer of code security to the existing platform.

What Is Salesforce DevSecOps?

DevSecOps is directly correlated with DevOps. DevOps refers to the practice of combining the efforts and considerations of both the development team and the operations team. Development and operations focus on creating a union of people, process, and products.

  • People: The team
  • Process: Well-planned, robust, flexible, and adaptable
  • Products: Advanced, innovative, highly secure

Bridging the gap between development and operations teams created DevOps to combine practices and tools to improve products that could be produced at a higher velocity.

DevSecOps takes the ideas and methods behind DevOps one step further to include security considerations throughout the development pipeline.

Shift Left is a term frequently used to describe the DevSecOps mindset. Imagine the development pipeline as a timeline moving from planning on the left side to deployment on the right. Shifting Left refers to the process of moving security considerations from the very end of the process (the right side) to be integrated throughout the entire process (shifting the security considerations left).

DevSecOps increases the overall security of a development project, reduces the potential for errors, and makes the entire process more efficient. It is a further optimized version of DevOps.

Benefits of Combining Release Management + Code Analysis

The acquisition of CodeScan by AutoRABIT creates a platform that offers a full DevSecOps solution to Salesforce developers.

The release management capabilities of AutoRABIT combined with the code analysis capabilities of CodeScan offers Salesforce developers a powerful repository of resources. These tools enable development teams to create a better experience for their end user in a variety of ways. Here are a few benefits:

Increased Deployment Success

The ultimate goal of the development queue is to successfully release a bug-free, secure final product. Automated Release Management includes a collection of tools and methods that are specifically aimed at increasing the likelihood of a successful deployment. The quality assurances of CodeScan’s code analysis improve the final product and contribute to a successful release.


Automating various aspects of the development pipeline means a project can progress through stages of the pipeline without the need for human interaction. This streamlines the project and makes it easier to release trustworthy updates and software at a faster pace. Furthering the automated procedures with the addition of code analysis makes this process more secure and more reliable.

Code Quality

Mistakes happen, particularly in a multi-developer environment. The earlier you can find these issues, the easier (and less costly) it will be to correct them. Various release management tools such as Version Control—combined with code analysis—will assist a development team to produce higher quality code, earlier in the process.

Full-Circle Approach

The running theme behind every benefit of combining release management and code analysis is that it creates a better product. DevSecOps is concerned with paying attention to the process and product as a whole, addressing every concern as early in the process as possible. Teams that work together become stronger, and the work they produce will improve as a result of heightened collaboration.

Develop high quality, secure code!

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