Apex Code Scanner - Automated Static Code Analysis Tools

Apex code is an object-oriented language created by Salesforce that uses a Java-like syntax. The strongly typed language enables developers to access user data and add business logic to most system events, like button clicks and related record updates. With an Apex static code analysis tool like CodeScan, your team can write quality Apex code quickly, efficiently, and securely.

Apex Code Scanner Benefits

Using a code analyzer like CodeScan can benefit your development team as they seek to identify and fix potential issues throughout the development process. Our Apex code scan will:

Identify Code Errors Quickly

Take control of code quality for Apex with CodeScan. Our Apex automatic code analysis allows your team to identify errors as soon as they happen, saving time and money that would have been spent on research later on in the development process. CodeScan also provides unique integrations for leading repositories and IDEs so your team can ensure better code development.

Promote Productivity

CodeScan can minimize time-consuming efforts from everyone involved by reducing the need for additional code reviews and revisions. With automated notifications for faulty code or potential safety risks, our Apex code scanner will save your team time and energy. The scanner establishes project awareness across your development teams through helpful dashboards, timely reports, and synchronized standards. CodeScan helps each member meet deadlines and collaborate effectively.

Apply Coding Rules

Arrange for your team always to use best-practice coding rules with CodeScan. Our Apex code review tools have hundreds of rules for Apex, giving your team the information they need to write accurate code. Keep production on schedule without taking unnecessary pauses to correct code with our Apex code scanner.

Enforce Coding Standards

Implementing organization coding standards is simple with CodeScan. Our code analyzer for Apex also allows you to add your own custom rules, ensuring your industry standards are met. You can set a quality profile for each project and activate or deactivate rules as you see fit, easily synchronizing the profiles so everyone works on the same standards.

Increase Security

CodeScan reduces project vulnerabilities by notifying team members of potential risks and errors throughout the development process. It ensures your code’s quality at every step, increasing stability and reducing the creation of accidental backdoors and loopholes. Our code scanner also reviews the metadata, reducing bugs and errors that may stem from it.

Apex Code Analysis Tool Features

Our Salesforce Apex static code analysis contains many features to help increase code visibility, reduce technical debt, produce secure code, and enhance feature delivery velocity and productivity.

CodeScan features: 

  • Hundreds of built-in rules for Apex 
  • Bug and vulnerability detection
  • Dashboards
  • Unbiased progress reports
  • High-level analysis
  • A unique set of profiles and customized quality gates
  • 100% compatibility with Salesforce languages
  • Integration
  • An automated review process
  • Suggestions for potential resolutions
  • SANS, CWE, and OWASP standards support

Analyze Apex Code With CodeScan

Use CodeScan for Apex code analysis for Salesforce DevSeCops. Our end-to-end quality tool will help your team drive Salesforce development speed, quality, and security. Request a free demo today!