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Track and Control Quality

Maintain the quality of your code throughout development.

Save Time on Code Reviews

Customizable Quality Gates allow you to see your project's quality at a glance.

Increase Productivity

Automate your reviews and focus on things that matter.


Rich Visual Reporting Tools

Install CodeScan on premises within your secured environment.

Download the latest version of CodeScan Self Hosted below. Please read the following license before downloading CodeScan.

By downloading the CodeScan software you agree to these Terms of Service

Self Hosted 4.4.3
  • New Metadata Rules
  • New Apex Rules
  • Rule Improvements
  • SonarQube 7.9+ Compatible

Release Date: 17-May-2020

Download 4.4.3 Release Notes Installation
  • for SonarJS 6.2.1+ Compatibility

Please note that if switching from the standard 4.4.3 version you may experience some discrepancy in issues found.

This version is NOT compatible with SonarJS 5.2.1.

Self Hosted 4.0 LTS

A collection of plugins in our LTS versions. Be sure to download both CodeScan and CodeScan Lightning below for complete coverage of your Salesorce project.

CodeScan includes:

  • New and updated Apex Rules
  • New and updated VisualForce Rules
  • SonarQube 7.1 Compatible

Download 4.0.14 Release Notes Installation

CodeScan Lightning includes:

  • New Lightning focused Javascript rule library
  • New Quality Profiles
  • In-line Javascript scanning

Release Date: 12-June-2018

Download 4.0.13 Release Notes Installation
CodeScan Bundler Version 4.3

A quick-start download to run all required components in one.


  • SonarQube 7.7
  • CodeScan 4.3.10
  • CodeScan for Lightning 4.3.10
  • Jenkins

Release Date: 16-July-2019

Download 4.3.10 Release Notes Installation
CodeScan Apex Custom Rule Designer Version 5.6.0

Designer tool to help build XPath Rules in Self-Hosted CodeScan

Release Date: 11-Nov-2017



Check your code for bugs and vulnerabilities with the most complete database for Apex,Visualforce and Lightning.

Leverage the CodeScan Cloud and avoid installing, running and maintaining it on your own infrastructure. Start yourfree trial

Rich Visual Reporting Tools

Editor Plugins

Plug-in to your favorite editor and receive real time feedback while you code.

If your favorite editor is not on this list please let us know