Get Your Salesforce on the Right Path With the TrueNorth Alliance

Get Your Salesforce devops solution on the Right Path With the TrueNorth Alliance

At CodeScan, we believe in the strength of partnerships when it comes to providing quality products and services. With technology evolving at an exponential speed, we are continually looking for ways to empower our customers with a better user experience. As a leading Salesforce partner, we focus on providing value-added services to our customers and partners, as seen through our TrueNorth Alliance.

About the TrueNorth Alliance

The TrueNorth Alliance is a program that combines three of the best Salesforce partner solutions in one package: CodeScan, PolSource, and Copado. This package of services addresses all the needs and challenges an organization faces in DevOps when creating Salesforce applications.

The TrueNorth Alliance offers:

  • A complete Salesforce DevOps evaluation of code health, quality, security, and standardization.
  • A Salesforce expert to guide, recommend, and improve your DevOps, based off proven success models.
  • Customized solutions, tailor-made to your company’s needs, guided by PolSource, powered by Copado’s DevOps platform, and audited by CodeScan’s static code analysis technology.

Why TrueNorth?

A survey conducted by Harvard Business Review, on behalf of Google, found that 86 percent of companies said it is important for their teams to be agile when building and deploying software quickly, but only 10 percent said they are actually successful at it.

Salesforce projects consist of configuration and code. Metadata-based changes generally consist of 70-80% configurations. However, it’s usually the code that requires the most effort and also bears most of the risk. While the intention of DevOps is to streamline development and deployment processes, the reality is most organizations are struggling with a non-standardized approach, technical challenges, and inefficiencies to release their projects quicker. The TrueNorth Alliance provides an essential solution to mitigating quality issues, agile project releases, increased costs, and DevOps adoption challenges in Salesforce when trying to meet production demands.

What Salesforce Customers Gain with the TrueNorth Alliance

The DevOps TrueNorth Alliance provides you with three leading Salesforce partners’ expertise in a unique packaged offering. Some benefits include:

  • Reduce technical debt
  • Improve your code review process
  • Gain greater insights into your development with increased code visibility
  • Empower developers to write high-quality code
  • Prepare teams for new Salesforce tech releases
  • Capitalize on agile adoption through release management platforms
  • Streamline processes, increase efficiency, reduce costs, boost revenues, and more.

Alliance Partners: About PolSource and Copado

PolSource, a Salesforce Platinum partner, is one of the fastest-growing Salesforce system integrators. For more than 15 years, they’ve been delivering Salesforce solutions across the US and EMEA, to some of the world’s biggest brands, such as GE Appliances, Gap Inc. and AB InBev.

PolSource specializes in supporting and solving challenges that businesses face on the Salesforce Customer Success Platform, by leveraging solutions and products on Salesforce and AppExchange. Their 350+ Salesforce experts provide innovative solutions at lower risks and costs.

Copado is a popular DevOps release management platform for Salesforce that has been transforming software delivery. Their technology offers clients a higher ROI and 5X quicker software releases. Their clients include leading brands like Siemens and Boston Scientific.

Codescan’s Role in the Alliance

CodeScan provides end-to-end code analysis solutions exclusively for Salesforce development teams. We have over 350+ security and quality rules for Apex, Visualforce, Lightning, and Metadata. Codescan’s solutions help Salesforce DevOps teams improve their code quality, enforce code standards, and optimize team productivity to the development process. Teamed with PolSource and Copado for the TrueNorth Alliance program, customers will receive a comprehensive solution full of robust tools to set up DevOps teams with success.

Develop high quality, secure code!

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