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Save the date and get ready for world's largest cloud.

CodeScan and Flosum Integration: A Key to Secured Deployment

By Dheeraj Rao | December 16, 2020


Salesforce is one of the top enterprise platforms for business operation and customer relation management. While the platform is vast when it comes to its solutions and capabilities, deploying new features on the Salesforce platform can be difficult. With the recent CodeScan-Flosum partnership, the two integrated companies will empower developers to take their deployment to the next level.

CodeScan is constantly striving for ways to empower developers to write and deploy better code on the Salesforce platform. As a primary concern to improve the Salesforce development experience, this integration is a pragmatic step in helping CodeScan and Flosum’s customers access complementary DevOps solutions all on one platform.

This joint initiative between CodeScan and Flosum ensures a more secured deployment process that can be leveraged through a seamless and easy-to-use integration, accessible to existing and new customers. The collaboration brings together Flosum’s release management solution and CodeScan’s automated code review and standardization to help customers get an enhanced level of services on Salesforce DevOps projects.

About Flosum

As a native Salesforce application, Flosum is a complete end-to-end solution for release management and continuous integration for Salesforce DevOps. Using Flosum’s solutions help reduce application deployment time by leveraging various testing strategies during the application development lifecycle. Flosum helps simplify the development release process significantly, and with reduced manual activities, DevOps teams can achieve higher operational efficiency.

Deployment Security Through Integration

For DevOps teams, ensuring that a project runs as smoothly as possible after a project deployment is imperative. Through this integration, Flosum users can easily integrate CodeScan into their deployments by installing and activating CodeScan on the Flosum platform. The project deployment will then be pushed into the CodeScan platform for a thorough code quality and security check. Once the code passes the quality check, the project will continue through the deployment process; if it does not pass, it will go back to QA in Flosum.

The integrated solution will help developers achieve secured releases, offering total visibility into their org’s code health.

Integration Benefits

The benefits of this integration include:

  • Greater Productivity – By includingCodeScanin the deployment process, not only improve workflow productivity, but ensure code quality and security of your apps across different environments.

  • Easy System Management – With the integration, easily manage the entire project process on a single platform.

  • Higher Quality – Prior to deployment, every project goes through a quality check via CodeScan’s solutions, which enhances code quality.

  • Enhanced Security – Withmore than 500 security rules for Apex, Visualforce, Lightning, and Metadata, the integration will make the deployment process more secure on the Salesforce platform.

  • Faster, Cleaner, Better Code – Continuous inspection of code quality and security gives DevOps teams the ability to develop faster, cleaner, and better code.

As CodeScan and Flosum share a common vision to empower developers, this initiative will provide DevOps teams with an ideal platform to write and deploy better code. It brings together integral services in the Salesforce DevOps ecosystem, which help developers get an enhanced level of service on projects that exist within the Salesforce environment. An added benefit, there is no additional fee to use these combined services! They are 100% free and are included in both CodeScan and Flosum services as part of the product features, enabling organizations to onboard quickly and take their DevOps to the next level.

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