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DemandBlue: On Demand Salesforce Services

By Rebecca Jacobs | November 19, 2020

DemandBlue: OnDemand Salesforce Services

About DemandBlue

The Salesforce platform offers valuable solutions for enterprises. Since its inception, the platform has evolved as a complex tool for teams across industries and departments. DemandBlue, an On Demand Service for Salesforce, was founded with the mission to help companies and teams navigate the Salesforce platform. With a unique Pay-As-You-Use business model, DemandBlue’s consulting services include Salesforce implementation, development, customization, integrations, and admin support.

The Challenge

DemandBlue is committed to providing the best possible services to its customers. With over 236 Salesforce Certifications, the DemandBlue team has become a leading Salesforce Consulting Partner, by meeting and fulfilling the business goals of its customers.

As the company and team grow, finding the right tools to empower their clients has always be a main concern. One priority that proved to be a challenge across clients was the need for a better code review tool, which would enable clients to have more visibility into the quality of their code environment. Challenges that the DemandBlue team witnessed with multiple clients were the following:

  • Internal failures due to poor codebase,
  • Issues with legacy customizations and customized applications in the Salesforce org, and
  • duplicated blocks of code, multiple triggers, and a weak coding infrastructure.

These issues in turn were affecting DemandBlue’s clients’ business, making it difficult for them to scale, creating inconsistent data in the org, affecting user experience, slowing development teams down, and creating additional business costs.

A New Solution

After researching a variety of products in the Salesforce ecosystem, the DemandBlue team found that CodeScan offered the solution that they were looking for. The team was looking for a code analysis tool that would help address the varying code analysis needs of multiple clients. DemandBlue appreciated CodeScan’s ease of use; the solution is not complex to use and does not require much training. Additionally, CodeScan’s reports provided more code visibility and indicated technically weak code, allowing the DemandBlue team to assess the severity levels and offer the necessary recommendations for improvement.

“CodeScan has enabled DemandBlue to provide better quality deliverables to our customers by ensuring the code quality and naming standards that need to be enforced as our development resources write code,” says Selva Pandian, VP of Cloud Practice. “We also do a health check when we onboard new customers, CodeScan is able to speed up the health check by scanning the existing code and letting us know the technical debt in the org and how it can be mitigated.”

Measuring Success

To date, the DemandBlue team has used CodeScan solutions to improve the code and code review process of 3 separate clients, scanning 40,000 lines of code total. As testament to the effectiveness of CodeScan’s solutions, the DemandBlue team looks to finalize a new package with CodeScan, to scan a greater amount of code, for new and existing projects. Applying CodeScan solutions allows businesses to evolve their business processes and avoid code issues that come with Salesforce customization issues, while alleviating code issues and improving efficiency across the Salesforce platform.

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