Code Security: Salesforce Security Tools

CodeScan is a comprehensive, end-to-end Salesforce code security tool in DevSecOps, making it easy for your team to track and control your Salesforce code security practices. This solution searches software for vulnerabilities and alerts your team to potential issues before others can discover and exploit those errors and bugs.

Salesforce Security Scan Benefits

CodeScan is one of the best code security scanning tools available because of its extensive capabilities and features. It offers many benefits to its users, allowing them to:

  • Manage code security.
  • Prevent exploitation.
  • Create high-quality code.
  • Shorten time spent checking code.
  • Increase productivity and focus.
This tool also reduces the accidental creation of backdoors, loopholes, and malicious data. Human error is inevitable, but with the help of our code scanner, your team can decrease mistakes and ensure well-written code throughout every step of the process. With automatic and constant reports on your code’s health, you only release the highest-quality updates and applications.
Our Salesforce security tool helps your team maintain a well-rounded approach to data security by monitoring and reporting on activity throughout your framework. CodeScan will save time and costs on audits by keeping your team united against possible mistakes and threats. Mitigate risks and enjoy full integration into the Salesforce platform with CodeScan.

Salesforce Security + Monitoring Tool Features

Conduct an efficient and thorough security code scan with the help of CodeScan’s many features. Our Salesforce security scanner can:

  • Find bugs and errors: CodeScan’s security code analysis tools will investigate your DevSecOps pipeline for any issues that would allow someone to infiltrate and change your system. With our Salesforce monitoring tool you will get real-time insights into user activity and system performance, ensuring optimal efficiency and reliability.
  • Address various types of data: By comprehensively scanning your data, CodeScan can detect potential points of entry for your team to patch. Our security code analysis tools will also analyze existing technical debt you may have for instability and liabilities.
  • Standardize coding practices: When code is strong, systems are secure. CodeScan makes it easier for team members to use the best coding practices as they write, creating a solid and clean code that is strong against hackers.
  • Produce updates quickly: All-inclusive code scanning tools for security like CodeScan will keep up with your team’s evolving needs, providing real-time feedback on code to help all members stay updated, united, and on track to meet deadlines and goals.
  • Takes care of metadata: Our Salesforce security tools will consider your metadata and mitigate any possible problems that may stem from errors within the metadata.
  • Discover potential issues: The security and code review tools available with CodeScan provide suggestions for resolving and preventing mistakes, keeping your code stable and standardized. CodeScan is compatible with several languages and allows your team to activate built-in and custom rules to address individual project needs.

Ensure Code Quality + Security With CodeScan

Use our DevSecOps security tools to protect your code and streamline your production. By leveraging advanced analytics and customizable alerts, the Salesforce Monitoring Tool will help in empowering organizations to proactively manage their Salesforce environment and maximize productivity. You can secure your Salesforce environment against over-exposure of data and external threats while managing and controlling each step of the development process for maximum results. Schedule a demo with our experts today!