Enablement Program for Salesforce Architects To Try Static Code Analysis Tool


Have you heard about CodeScan’s Salesforce Architect Enablement Program? This program is designed exclusively for Salesforce Architects who are looking to try our static code analysis tool for an extended period. Did we mention that it’s free!

This program allows you to demonstrate CodeScan’s capabilities and solutions to your customers. We offer continuous inspection of code quality and security through our static code analysis tool, rich dashboard of metrics, and rules configurations.

Our program entitles you to

  1. A free single project cloud license
  2. Access to ALL of CodeScan’s enterprise features
  3. Visibility into your customer’s code base as one of our key features

To answer some of your frequently asked questions about this program see below:

How long will this free program last?

This pilot program will last 6 months with the option to extend.

Why are you offering this free program?

Why not? We want to show Salesforce customers how Codescan’s tools improve code quality, while saving time and money.

Can I use CodeScan’s IDE plugins?

Yes! Go wild.

What if my customer wants their own username and login?

Have them reach out to us directly at sales@codescan.io.

For more information about CodeScan products, roadmap, etc. visit our Knowledge Base.

To sign up, send an email to architects@codescan.io.

Develop high quality, secure code!

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